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Kathy Jarvis


The hell tour

The hell tour has become a mission because for 24 years this amazing one month series that puts on a race every night of the month has never seen a woman join the tour. I have decided to take on this huge challenge as each week fans, women, girls, boys and even men thank me for getting out on the tracks and racing my heart out with the all male dominated fields.

I did not realize what an impact I would make showing up to turn left around tracks all over the Midwest but the messages I receive from so many pushes me to get out weekend after weekend and be the living role model that "you can be anything you put your heart mind and actions to be". 

Some days I want to give up and go home to Park City UT as the ridicule and the banging up of my car weekend after weekend takes it's toll. But instead of heading home I am upping the anti and headed to race every night of the week for one month. Summer nationals the hell tour starts on June 13th in Bownstown Indiana and goes on for 31 days covering 8 states and over 5,000 miles of travel. I will run until I either run out of money, or my car is so banged up it can't go another night or I finish the tour.

I really appreciate everyone who is pulling for me who joins me on FB and who is out at the races buying our shirts or donating to finally sending a woman driver to hell!

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